3rd Mar


The Tenant Livestock Farmer

The Tenant Livestock Farmer

Tenant Livestock Farmers,

Will by now be well aware,

The payments that maintained their livestock

Are being diverted elsewhere.

The reason that this is happening

Is the people in charge right now

Don’t understand the importance of that ewe and suckler cow

They don’t understand the importance,

Of Organic Matter to the soil.

How the soil is totally dependant

Just like an engine on its oil

For an engine will run without oil

For a short while, then it gets hot.

Soon after that it dies, then an engine it is not

So if soil needs to be fertile,

Biodiversity in the pink

Don’t lose the grazing livestock

For they are that vital link.

That vital link between the sunshine,

And the vegetation it makes grow

To all the organisms living in the soil below

So to those who have authority – to formulate the rules,

Don’t lose the grazing livestock, or the soil will lose its fuel.

For when the tank gets down to empty, as sure as night follows day

There will be a consequence for all of us

More than we can pay.



Fred Cactus



02 March 2015

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