TFA Responsible Landlord Scheme

The TFA has, over the years, received numerous requests from landlords for help with setting up a tenancy which is fair both to them and their new farm tenants. Having considered these requests the TFA has decided to launch the TFA Responsible Landlord Scheme.

Whilst the TFA does not seek to advise landlords, it does seek to promote responsible landlord behaviour and to this end the TFA will be offering to provide landlords, on request, a package costing £189 that comprises a template of a draft Farm Business Tenancy (FBT) agreement, a Guidance Note looking at considerations for drawing up a tenancy agreement and a special voucher for them to pass to their new tenant who can redeem it for a single year’s full membership of the Association.

No additional advice will be provided to the landlord.  We believe that this service will help to cement a good landlord and tenant relationship from the beginning and that it will create the right platform for a sustainable future.

The FBT template is not designed to replace professional advice, but to provide a starting point for landlords and tenants to agree terms for a new letting before instructing professionals.  For further information please contact the TFA membership coordinator.


The package provided by the Responsible Landlord Scheme includes :-

TFA Sample Farm Business Tenancy (FBT) agreement*

TFA Guidance Note – Checklist for a New Farm Business Tenancy (FBT)

A voucher for the tenant to redeem for one year of full membership of the TFA ** ***


* Hard copy via post and soft copy via email

** Time limited counting down from date which landlord purchases the package

*** Subject to the landlord presenting the voucher to the tenant for use


Full Membership of the TFA will entitle the tenant farmer to ready access to advice from TFA Advisers, full access to the TFA website and all TFA publications.


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