1st Sep


TFA Blog #15 – TFA Plus – Deepening the Role of TFA

Since the beginning of 2020, the TFA has extended how it supports its members. Already, when members need more than advice, the TFA offers the opportunity of using one of our hand-picked Recommended Professionals – be that a chartered surveyor, accountant, or solicitor to assist. Our Recommended Professionals continue to be the mainstay of ensuring that members have access to the services they need in managing their farming businesses.

However, in addition, TFA members are now able to instruct a TFA Adviser to act on their behalf under our TFA Plus scheme, charged on a not-for-profit, hourly rate. TFA Plus is ideal for situations where you feel out of your depth to act on the advice the TFA has provided, but you do not want to go to the full extent of engaging the services of a Recommended Professional. The issue could be about settling the terms of a consent for a non-agricultural use, finalising a rent review, appealing against a penalty imposed by the Rural Payments Agency, or assisting with putting together a planning application or planning objection. Some of the circumstances in which we have so far acted on behalf of members are:

  • Challenging unreasonable tenancy amendments proposed by a landlord after a succession has been awarded via Tribunal
  • Arguing a rent reduction where a rent increase has been proposed
  • Pushing landlords who have not fulfilled their repairing obligations to do so
  • Negotiate end of tenancy compensation
  • Successfully negotiate more favourable terms on new tenancies
  • Negotiating with landowners to agree different rent reliefs during Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Planning application objections
  • Notice to do repairs from the landlord to the tenant
  • Rent reviews
  • Acted as an expert witness
  • Arbitration and dispute resolution
  • Matters arising between the tenant and the RPA and Natural England

TFA Advisers will be able to guide members on whether using TFA Plus would be the right course to take for their individual circumstances, or if, in fact, it would be better to use a TFA Recommended Professional.

The aim is to help TFA members resolve matters swiftly, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. There will be no change in the access that TFA members have to specialist advice which will continue to be provided at no additional cost to the annual membership subscription. TFA Plus can simply be used as a top up as and when an extra bit of help is required. Further details about how TFA Plus could work for you are available from the TFA head office team by calling 0118 930 6130.

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