25th Apr


TFA Media Release No. 26 – Rural Payments Wales Ahead of England on BPS

Rural Payments Wales Ahead of England on BPS

TFA Cymru has welcomed the latest 2015 Basic Payment Scheme payment statistics issued to industry stakeholders by Rural Payments Wales (RPW).

TFA Cymru Adviser, Adriana Vaux said “Comparing the performance between England and Wales it would appear that RPW has just 3.8% of 2015 claimants in Wales left to pay whilst the Rural Payments Agency in England (RPA) has 13.6% of 2015 claimants left to pay.  However as just over half of the outstanding Welsh payments relate to cross border claims, which need further information from the RPA before they can be processed, the true percentage of wholly Welsh claims paid by RPW is more like 98%”.

“TFA Cymru is pleased with this progress having anticipated that it would be a tough year for RPW.  Although TFA Cymru is opposed to offering only a digital only route to make claims, it would appear that the RPW computer system has been better able to handle claims than the system used in England,” said Adriana.

“TFA Cymru is however concerned that cross border claimants have been left to the back of the queue.  At meetings with both RPW and the RPA, the TFA has been pressing for action on these claims and bemoaning the lack of communication between the two organisations.  We have at last received a commitment to address these concerns,” said Adriana.

“With the large number of claims remaining outstanding for 2015 in England, the TFA is relieved that the RPA has made the decision to make bridging payments equating to about half the payment due for each unpaid applicant,” said Adriana.

“With the 2016 claim deadline now only three weeks away, again it appears that Wales is in a better position than England with a greater number of Welsh applicants having been able to apply early having experienced many fewer errors on their forms than their counterparts in England,” said Adriana.

“TFA Cymru is working constructively with RPW through specific engagement and through the RPW stakeholder group.  We all hope, both in England and Wales, that payments against 2016 claims will not be as badly affected as those for 2015,” said Adriana.


Ref:  MR26 Date: 25 April 2016

Notes for Editors:

For further information, please contact TFA Cymru Adviser Adriana Vaux or TFA’s Communications and Events Coordinator, Jenna Kirkpatrick who are both on 0118 9306130.

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