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TFA Media Release No. 13 – The Royal Welsh: A Great Celebration of Welsh Farming

The Royal Welsh: A Great Celebration of Welsh Farming

TFA Cymru Chairman Dennis Matheson is attending the Royal Welsh Show both to celebrate the great Welsh farming industry and to highlight issues of particular concern to the tenanted sector of agriculture in Wales.

“TFA Cymru is an organisation in its infancy but it has been established on the basis of the strong platform set by the Tenant Farmers Association which has for many years championed the concerns of tenant farmers across England and Wales.  The TFA continues to support TFA Cymru’s important work. More people are getting to know about TFA Cymru and its ability to speak candidly and intelligently about the unique challenges facing the tenanted sector of agriculture in Wales,” said Mr Matheson.

“TFA Cymru has been in active engagement with a range of people and organisations including Welsh Government Ministers, Assembly Members, civil servants, Natural Resources Wales, Young Farmers groups and other representative bodies including the Farmers Union of Wales to ensure that the issues of concern to the tenanted sector of agriculture in Wales are firmly on the agenda with other bodies responsible for both deciding and implementing policy for agriculture within Wales,” said Mr Matheson.

“I will be spending my time at the Royal Welsh Show attending meetings with a wide variety of people from both public bodies and other organisations to follow up many of the discussions in which I’ve been involved on behalf of TFA Cymru members to date.  Topics will include farming in the uplands, changes to tenancy legislation, tackling bovine TB, implementation of CAP reform, changes to the rules on livestock movements and securing longer term farm business tenancies”, said Mr Matheson.

“There are many organisations within Wales which have an influence over the development of Welsh agriculture and it is important that they understand fully the way in which the tenanted sector operates so as not to cause unintended consequences.  A case in point is in the area of livestock movements and recording where tenant farmers may be relying upon a range of agreements on a number of parcels of land under different ownerships.  Whilst disease control is a serious concern it is important that procedures respect the need to accommodate often complex arrangements on the ground,” said Mr Matheson.

“Of course with the General Election now less than a year away, we are likely to enter a period where little changes within the policy environment as Parties prepare their manifestoes for the electorate.  At the Royal Welsh Show I am meeting with a number of Political Party representatives within Wales to ensure that they have the needs of tenant farmers in mind when writing those manifestoes,” said Mr Matheson.


Ref:  MR13

Date: 21 July 2014

Notes for Editors:

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