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TFA Media Release MR20/31 – Time to Slow Down, Safety on Farm is the Responsibility of the Whole Industry

As the Farm Safety Partnerships, Farm Safety Week campaign begins this week, the Tenant Farmers Association (TFA) has welcomed the news that farm safety statistics have improved year on year. However, more needs to be done to change perceptions, improve safety awareness and best practice.

According to the HSE’s annual work-related fatalities in their 2019/20 report, over the past year, 20 farm workers have lost their lives in the workplace.  To put this into perspective, UK farming accounts for 1% of the economy, but 20% of all workplace deaths.

TFA National Chairman, Mark Coulman, said “While farm fatalities have dropped 63% on the previous year, this is still 20 too many deaths recorded. We are all guilty of taking our safety for granted when working on farm. Perhaps it is because, as an industry, our work life and home life often blur into one.  However, we must absolutely take steps to be better.”

“Now is the time for our industry to challenge existing working behaviours and attitudes towards risk taking. We need to protect the physical and mental wellbeing of our workforce and set best practice examples for those moving into the industry, especially the young.” said Mr Coulman.

“The agriculture industry has a truly shocking track record when it comes to deaths and serious injuries. I’m sure many of us in the industry can name members of family and friends who have had near misses, or worse, in the last few years. This is why it is important to remember to ask the question, who will fill your boots?  It is the responsibility of all who work in the industry, young and old.  We all need to take our time when working on farm, not take short cuts and think about what small adjustments we can make to keep us and our workforce safe,” said Mr Coulman.


Ref:  MR 20/31     

Date: 20 July 2020

Notes for Editors:

 This year’s annual Farm Safety Week runs from 20 to 25 July. This provides an opportunity to shine a light on the safety record of our industry and to concentrate on practical ways of preventing accidents and fatalities on farms. The TFA continues to support The Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) campaign as it works towards improving farm safety. For tips and guidance on how to improve safety within the agriculture industry, read the latest TFA Blog “Pause for Thought – Don’t Take Farm Safety for Granted” here, visit or follow @yellowwelliesuk on twitter.

For media enquiries, contact Julia Meadows, TFA Communications and Events Co-ordinator, on 0118 930 6130 or 07887 777157.

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