18th Dec


TFA Blog #24 – Mental Health & Wellbeing

Farming is a tough industry, often dealing with factors beyond our control.  Red tape, weather, changing commodity prices, evolving farming & environmental policies, not to mention adding Brexit, COVID-19, and the normal health issues we can all face at any time into the mix!

No wonder our industry reports the highest levels of depression & suicide in the UK, with on average one person a week dying by suicide.  Sadly, another person a week on average is killed on a farm by accidents, this is often due to rushing to get work done.

Thankfully, attitudes are beginning to change.  Asking for help is no longer seen as a sign of weakness & there are lots of places, we can find assistance. Remember you are not alone, so please do seek help!

One organisation which the TFA supports is FCN.  This is a farming charity which has been established for 25 years.  Its aim is to help those in need in the farming community, whatever the reason, whether it be business, farm, health or family related. Volunteers across England & Wales are available to help by offering friendship, a listening ear & can signpost you to other charities & organisations that can help with specific problems – plus its totally confidential & free!

The FCN helpline, which is open every day of the year, from 7am-11pm can be reached by calling 03000 111 999. There is also a really useful website featuring more information, which can be found at

FCN recently launched a specific website with lots of information about resources to help keep our mental health in good shape & build both personal & business resilience. This can be found at

Keep safe and keep well.


This article was written by TFA member, Joanne Jones.

Jo is a tenant dairy farmer in Devon with her husband & has been involved with FCN for over 10 years, she is also a nurse & mum & member of the TFA South West Regional Committee.

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