20th Jul


TFA Blog #12: Pause for Thought – Don’t Take Farm Safety for Granted

We are all guilty for taking our safety for granted when working on farm. Perhaps it is because as an industry our work life and home life often blur into one, but we absolutely must take steps to be better. In 2018, agriculture had the highest fatality rate of any industry per 100k employees, this is a shocking statistic and why the TFA continues to support The Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) campaign to improve farm safety.

Every farm situation is unique, however there is a lot of general advice that can be transferable to farm business. From using well-maintained equipment, allowing enough time for jobs, to having the correct protective clothing and having measures in place for lone workers. We all must take responsibility to call out poor or dangerous practices on farms.  Given the stresses and strains that occur in everyday farming life, it can be tempting to take shortcuts, particularly at busy times of the year.  Whether it’s dealing with livestock, using farm machinery or working at height, everyone needs to take a little more time to think about the safety issues.

It’s important to also consider mental wellbeing, as well as our physical safety whilst at work. Death by suicide in agriculture is another major killer.  Isolation, stress, anxiety, and depression are all contributing factors.  We need to be mindful about the way we treat people as we carry out our various roles in the industry.  For example, how may tenant farmers have felt landlords’ agents have taken an overly aggressive approach to negotiations and have spoil what had been a good working relationship with landlords?

Organisations like the Farming Community Network and RABI are great at what they do, but they are no substitute for the networks of close friends, colleagues and family members who can look out for and support one another through difficult times and where appropriate signpost to more specialist help.

Helpful links:

To find out more about Farm Safety Week visit or follow @yellowwelliesUKon Twitter/Facebook

There are useful guides for temporary workers, parents and farm safety.  To read these see the 2020 Farm Safety Blogs here

The Little Book of Minding Your Head by @yellowwelliesuk is full of advice, support & ideas to help you #MindYourHead. Download here:

FCN Practical Support                              03000 111 999 (7am – 11pm daily)

R.A.B.I Welfare & Financial Help          01865 724931 (weekdays 9am – 5pm)

Mind Advice and Support                        0300 1233393 (weekdays 9am – 6pm)

Samaritans`                                                116 123

This year’s annual Farm Safety Week runs from 20 to 25 July and provides an opportunity to shine a light on the safety record of our industry and to concentrate on practical ways of preventing accidents and fatalities on farms.  Why not watch out for our social media activity over the next five days and thank you to the work of @yellowwelliesuk for making us pause and think #FarmSafetyWeek

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