14th Jul


Ode to the Auction

Ode to the Auction

By Fred Cactus

When we’re born we all know nothing,

We have everything to learn.

But soon find out in this big world

Our living we must earn

So we sell our wares, we toil and strive

We rush about with speed

Trying to accumulate the money we will need,

But when we’ve sold our produce, and

The money has been won

How do we know the price was fair,

Or were we in fact done?

And when it comes to buying

We search the planet far and wide

For that extra special bargain,

But were we taken for a ride?

The answer to this valuation puzzle has stood the test of time

It isn’t like a contract, it’s more like E-Bay on line

It’s used to value everything,

Across each and every land.

Because the principal it relies on

Is supply and demand.

Now, when they forecast 9 billion people

Arrive upon this earth.

The amount of food that they will need

How will you value its worth?

For if you leave that big decision

At the foot of your Buyers door,

Simple vested interested means he will give you less instead of more.

So, in the years that are the future

If you want your business to survive

Make sure you have an Auction

To keep true value alive.

For no-one else will do it,

It’s not in their interest so to do.

But to the man that lives in your mirror it is

I guess its up to you.



11 July 2014

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