19th Jul


Media Release 13 – Joint Statement On Common Agriculture Policy Agreed By NFU, CLA, TFA And DEFRA

There are still some key stages left to go in the EU negotiations on the CAP but June marked a major milestone in the main EU negotiations on CAP reform. The focus now needs to be on implementation.

There are choices in how we do this, in particular regarding implementation of the new Direct Payments Scheme, how “greening” will be delivered; what the Rural Development Programme should include to achieve its aims; what that will cost and how that cost is funded.

We want to implement in ways that enhance farmers’ competitiveness, the rural economy and the environment, as well as delivering best value for taxpayers and consumers.

The end result must also be as simple, effective and affordable as possible and keep the bureaucratic burden on farmers and small businesses to a minimum. We have learned the lessons of the over-complex implementation in 2005.

We want this CAP implementation to be a model of the partnership approach set out by the Farming Regulation Task Force – that means openness and “no surprises”.

With that in mind and looking at the CAP as a whole, we need to look carefully at what we want to achieve and how we deliver that. We are committed to working closely together and with all interested groups on this over the coming weeks and months.

MR 13 | DATE: 19 July 2013

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