19th Dec


Media Release 15 – Government Listens to Industry on CAP Implementation

Government listens to industry on CAP implementation

The Tenant Farmers Association has welcomed today’s announcement by the DEFRA Secretary of State on Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Reform implementation. 

TFA National Chairman, Jeremy Walker said “Today’s announcement shows the benefit of industry lobbying and also shows that DEFRA Ministers are willing to listen to reasoned argument.  Reducing the rate of transfer of funds between Pillar 1 (the budget for direct payments) and Pillar 2 (the budget for rural development schemes) from 15% to 12%, whilst at the same time keeping the rate of funding for bureaucratic and wasteful schemes under the LEADER initiative and Local Enterprise Partnerships to a minimum, is good news for British agriculture and the British countryside”.

“Of course there is still much work to do including taking forward discussions with Government about expanding further the biodiversity and landscape gains through the Campaign for the Farmed Environment.  The TFA will continue to engage with the Government and other industry organisations on these matters,” said Mr Walker.

“On the broader issues, confirmation that we will see the current SPS entitlements rolled forward into the new scheme and the increased rate of funding for farmers in SDA areas are also to be welcomed.  However, we remain concerned and disappointed that there has been no movement on reducing the damaging impact of the three-crop diversification rule that will be required of most farmers with cropping land.  This will have a major, negative impact on those with small to medium-sized  areas of arable land who will have to grow crops which are not suited to their farming systems and will do nothing for the environment, whilst at the same time bringing unwelcome inefficiencies,” said Mr Walker.

“It is also vital that we have a successor scheme to the Uplands Entry Level Stewardship Scheme.  Grazing livestock, which are so important for the maintenance of biodiversity and landscapes in upland areas, are declining at an alarming rate due to the lack of sustainable profitability for grazing livestock systems in upland areas.  We need to address this decline with a targeted agri-environment scheme encouraging mixed grazing systems in upland areas.  There is nothing in today’s announcement which gives us any hope that this is even on the Government’s radar and we will continue to make the case for it,” said Mr Walker.

Ref:  MR15

Date: 19 December 2013

Notes for Editors:

For further information contact Jeremy Walker on 01823 412353 or TFA Chief Executive George Dunn on 07721 998961.

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