3rd Apr


Farm Safety Partnership urges farmers to stay safe around livestock

Every year there are deaths and injuries to farmers and other workers while handling livestock. These are often caused by using poor equipment, ineffective methods of moving stock and an underestimation of the strength, speed or behaviour of farm animals.

Top Tips
1. Select and use well designed handling facilities. Keep them maintained.
2. Never enter an enclosure with a loose bull or when an unrestrained cow is with a calf.
3. Remove aggressive animals from the herd. Do not sell on a problem animal.
4. Wherever possible separate livestock from the public. Select fields without rights of way when cattle have calves at foot

Although most animal incidents are not fatal, many people are needlessly injured due to unwise risk taking. Broken bones, crushed limbs result in work absences and unnecessary medical expenses are some of the results of livestock-related incidents so it is important to think how you could improve your livestock handling systems, making them safer to use.

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