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07th Jun 2020
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7 Jun 2020 .

07 June 2020: LEAF Online Farm Sunday Print This Post

Due to the ongoing pandemic, on Sunday 07 June, LEAF Open Farm Sunday is going virtual. Farmers from Jersey to Aberdeenshire, of various enterprises, will be going ‘live’ for 15 – 20 mins on Leaf’s Facebook channel. These farmers are going to give a tour of their farm, alongside talking all aspects of farming, from technical machinery to how much more there is to grass than meets the eye. To supplement this, the LEAF Open Farm Sunday host farmers are being incredibly supportive, producing videos and uploading photos from their own channels to give people at home the chance to see multiple farms in action. A fabulous opportunity for many who would ordinarily only be able to visit one or two farms at Open Farm Sunday events.

A varied online schedule is being put together to attract people from the farming community and the public. Giving the public an educational, enlightening and engaging experience of visiting a farm. It may not awaken all their senses, and give them the experience that being on a farm and outside normally would, but it is an alternative that we can offer at this present time.

Farms going live include, but are not exclusive to:
• Caroline Drummond, LEAF Chief Executive
• Jake Freestone, Overbury Enterprises
• William Church, Jersey Royal Co.
• Duncan Farrington, Farrington Oils

Whilst an online alternative cannot replace the original LEAF Open Farm Sunday, LEAF Online Farm Sunday does hope to continue bridging the connection between the consumer and food production, allowing the public to discover the magic of farming! For more information, click here or email to get involved.

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