Don’t Upset the Bacteria
10th Feb


I am a small bacterium, my life is one of toil I live with millions of my friends, deep down within the soil.   Now the job we’ve done for millennia, the profession in which we take part Is one of soil conditioning, we keep soil ...

The Tenant Livestock Farmer
3rd Mar


The Tenant Livestock Farmer Tenant Livestock Farmers, Will by now be well aware, The payments that maintained their livestock Are being diverted elsewhere. The reason that this is happening Is the people in charge right now Don’t ...

Ode to the Auction
14th Jul


Ode to the Auction By Fred Cactus When we’re born we all know nothing, We have everything to learn. But soon find out in this big world Our living we must earn So we sell our wares, we toil and strive We rush about with speed Trying ...

The humble tile drain, unseen and somewhat forgotten
22nd Apr


The humble tile drain, unseen and somewhat forgotten How things change.  It’s not long ago that the only media interest that would have been shown in sheep was an article in a farming journal, or a paper back “Henry Brewis” ...