28th Nov


Brexit and its Impact on the Livestock Industry

It is currently the question on many people’s lips at the moment – deal or no deal. But in either scenario the implications for the UK’s trading ability will no doubt change the face of our agricultural industry.  For livestock farmers, especially those trading in the red meat sector, the prospect of losing our export markets is a daunting one, after all 30% – 35% of UK lamb is exported to continental markets.

As an association, we recognise the effects that changes to the way we interact with these markets will have and therefore we have been involved in the Brexit Livestock Group for the past two years, looking solely and in detail at the effects of these changes.

Along with other industry representatives from across the devolved nations, we meet monthly with DEFRA’s Agricultural and Trade Policy team who brief us on the development of trade deals and World Trade Organisation rules, the UK country status post March 2019, import and export protocols and the UK’s access to trade deals in the event of a no-deal scenario.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding any of the above topics then please do not hesitate to contact Lynette Steel, Farm Policy Adviser at TFA head office by email on

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