8th Sep


BPS 2015: Payment Reconciliation

BPS 2015: Payment Reconciliation

The RPA has provided the following update date which provides a good insight into the progress of BPS 2015 Payment Reconciliation.

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) has paid 86,893 farmers around £1.37 billion and is on track to resolve farmers’ 2015 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payment queries with almost 8,400 claims already completed as part of its planned payment reconciliation.

Top-up payments from completed claims – worth £15.3 million – have been made to farmers as the Agency continues to investigate the remaining claims.

The RPA announced that it would initially investigate around 13,000 cases, identified by the Agency or farmers themselves, to determine any differences in land and entitlements held before making any necessary data adjustments and top-up payments.

Anyone who has a query with their BPS payment, but has not heard from the RPA, can still contact the Agency so it can investigate.

Revised claim statements will be issued for all top-up payments made as a result of the planned reconciliation.

The RPA has all the resources it needs to complete 2015 payment reconciliation and begin making 2016 payments from 01 December.

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