About the Tenant Farmers Association

The Tenant Farmers Association was formed in 1981 by a group of tenant farmers who felt that their interests were not being forcefully represented by existing bodies.  Today, the TFA is the only organisation dedicated to supporting all farmers who do not own the land that they operate.  This includes those involved in share farming agreements, grazing licences, contract farming arrangements as well as traditional tenant farmers. The TFA lobbies at all levels of Government for policies and legislation which assist those who do not own the land they farm and gives expert advice to its members. The TFA also seeks to support and enhance the landlord-tenant system in agriculture.

The TFA represents and advises members on all aspects of agricultural tenancy, land occupation and ancillary matters.  It also aims to improve the professional and technical knowledge of its members, to increase the flow of new tenancies and other valid farming opportunities onto the market and to help the farming industry best apply existing legislation occupation of non-owned farm land.

Why Join The Tenant Farmers Association?


How the TFA works

Members of the TFA are drawn from right across the spectrum of the farming industry.  Their farms range from the smallest County Council holdings to units of several thousand acres.  The needs of this wide range of members is met by its regional structure of nine regions across England and Wales, each with its own regional chairman.  This, together with a readily accessible Head Office team, ensures a rapid and effective interchange of ideas and activity.

The TFA currently works with 61 Chartered Surveyors, accountants and solicitors each hand picked by the regional committees according to their expertise in tenanted matters.  They help in solving members’ problems and contribute to national strategy.  This nationwide involvement with selected land agents, briefed on latest rent trends from the TFA database, is unique to the TFA.

Benefits to TFA members

Members have access to a broad package of benefits including:

Advice When You Need It

  • Advice on all agricultural tenancy and farming related issues from Head Office
  • Legal Helpline on all non-farming legal issues
  • List of 70 Recommended Professionals

Information When You Want It 

  • Tenancy Opportunities
  • Website access
  • Email Alerts
  • Membership pack sent to all new members
  • Six issues of the TFA newsletter sent every year
  • Weekly e-Bulletins (e-News and e-Bites)
  • Follow us on Social Media
  • Guidance Notes
  • Briefing Notes
  • Rent Databank, a unique fully searchable facility for finding comparable rents
  • Member Meetings, Shows and Events

Supporting You All the Time

  • Lobbying Government
  • Contact with Landlords
  • Contact with Professional Bodies
  • Contact with Media
  • Membership of the Tenancy Reform Industry Group (TRIG)
  • Affiliations to Insurance and Other Services