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Vegan Pressure Group Targeting Dairy Farms – Members Advice Print This Post

    A new Vegan campaign targeting dairy farmers called “Project Calf” has surfaced over the weekend. The campaign encourages animal activists to visit dairy farms and obtain video footage of farming practices without breaking the law.

    Members should be aware, the associated website ( does include a map which identifies the locations of over 18,000 farms registered with the Food Standards Agency across England and Wales.  These farm details were obtained under an Open Government License and therefore are publicly available. To reduce the risk of dairy farmers being targeted, we encourage businesses to remove themselves from google maps. Please see below a step by step guide to do this.

    Step by step guide to removing your business from google maps:

    1. Sign in or set up a Google account
    2. Go to Google maps
    3. Search your business name
    4. Click on your business name and below that click “claim your business”
    5. Go through the step by step process removing any personal data which you can e.g. telephone numbers and business type e.g. instead of dairy farm you could put agricultural holding
    6. Once logged on and that process is complete go to the top left-hand corner and click the three horizontal lines which will bring up a menu
    7. Click on “information”
    8. Scroll down and edit any personal information, making sure you remove it if you do not want it displayed, you can also edit your business name or leave it blank “…”
    9. Scroll down to the bottom and click “mark as permanently closed”

    If members have any concerns or would like further advice about how to deal with activists, please contact Farm Policy Adviser, Lynette Steel, at TFA Head Office.