Whither Food Security

Our thought provoking blogger, Fred Cactus considers who should be responsible for feeding the nation:

Farmers – it is time you realise it is not your responsibility to feed the nation.  That responsibility sits with Government.  Your responsibility is to yourselves; to be solvent or viable so that in the future you still exist and are able to try to feed the nation.

What do I suggest?  I suggest you take a leaf out of the house builders book.  The reason they are not building the thousands of houses we need is because they have worked out if they do, the extra supply would bring prices down.  It’s called supply and demand, but not a good business model!

So why do farmers insist they need glyphosate, neonicotinoids, herbicides, pesticides and insecticides when the result of using them is extra supply of food which brings the price down.  It’s called supply and demand, but not a good business model!

Similarly why must farmers have Basic Payment Scheme payments, the result of which is oversupply of food?  It’s called supply and demand but not a good business model!  Work it out farmers, you could have the G are overnment and urban society over a barrel (not that you would or even want to) but unless Government and society grasp that you could, you are never going to get the respect you deserve.


Fred Cactus

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