21st Dec



The Tenant Farmers Association (TFA) is urging all Members of Parliament to take the Christmas and New Year period to take stock of the responsibility on their shoulders to ensure a smooth and orderly exit for the UK from the European Union.

TFA Chief Executive, George Dunn, said “The politics of the last six months have been particularly toxic and lacking in any apparent statesmanship.  A divided Governing Party and an opportunistic Opposition is not serving the best interests of the British people.  Members of Parliament need to understand that they have a responsibility to act diligently, responsibly and with wisdom when they come back in the New Year to vote on the Prime Minister’s exit deal, and to steer us through what is a major and unprecedented constitutional change.  This must be front and centre in their minds when they vote on 14 January.”

“Away from the high-profile, politically charged exchanges on the floor of the House, there has been some excellent work conducted through Select Committees.  Rather than focusing on the soundbites they get through social media, MPs would do well to look at some of the Select Committee reports and minutes of evidence particularly from the Environment Food and Rural Affairs, and Exiting the European Union Select Committees.  These have conducted some thoughtful, wise and diligent inquiries into aspects of our decision to leave the European Union,” said Mr Dunn.

In implementing the EU referendum decision there appears to be only five options on the table which are, in order of likelihood as follows:

  • We leave without a deal.
  • We delay the operation of Article 50 and Regulate to push out “exit day”.
  • An approach based on membership of the European Economic Area together with membership of the customs union to deliver our implementation period.
  • The Prime Minister’s deal with whatever amendments can be made over the next couple of weeks.
  • Another referendum or a General Election.

“The only option on the table which delivers by far the best outcome for a smooth EU exit without risk, is the deal offered by the Prime Minister as negotiated with the European Union.  All the others simply create further uncertainty.  Whilst the backstop causes ideological concern to many within the Conservative Party, we would urge them to see the long-term benefit of the transition which the Prime Minister’s agreement with the European Union will allow.  The Official Opposition must also see the need for consensus politics for such a time as this.”

“Without an exit deal, our access to export markets in the EU for our agricultural produce, our labour supply both on farms and in food processing, and our ability to maintain our high environmental, animal welfare and food safety standards on food imports will all be put at risk.  It’s time to do the right thing,” said Mr Dunn.

Date:  21 December 2018                                                           Ref MR18/50

Notes for Editors

For further information contact George Dunn 07721 998961 or TFA Communications and Events Co-ordinator Julia Meadows, on 07887 777157.

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