21st Apr


BPS England 2017: Using ‘Add Land’ Email Route for ‘Dual Use’ Situations

Members who are in a ‘dual use’ situation should be aware of how to deal with ‘dual use’ situations for BPS 2017 applications.

The RPA has confirmed that if a new tenant needs to add land to their BPS 2017 application, but the landlord needs to keep the land linked to him because it’s in an agri-environment scheme agreement, it should be possible for an email to be sent to the RPA to ‘add land’ to the tenant’s online BPS 2017 application instead of including the land parcels on a paper continuation sheet. It seems that emailing a request to ‘add land’ should not sever any Customer Land Links (CLLs) with an existing SBI, so the land parcel should remain linked to the landlord’s SBI and a link added to the tenant’s SBI.

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