21st Apr


BPS England 2017: Removing Land from Online Applications

Removing Land from Online Applications

A land parcel can be removed from an online application by using the ‘remove land’ function which is available under ‘transfer land’. Using this only severs the Customer Land Link (CLL) with the SBI which is initiating ‘remove land’. If the land parcel is linked to another SBI, that CLL should remain. It’s only possible to use ‘remove land’ if the status of the parcel is showing as 100% owned (not ‘tenant’ or less than 100%).

If ‘remove land’ cannot be used, delete all the land uses for the land parcel and ensure that the area claimed (column C8 on the BP5 application summary pdf) shows as ‘0.0000’, then submit an RLE1 form to remove that land from the SBI.

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