21st Apr


BPS England 2017: Failed Transition Message when Submitting a Claim

Some claimants are seeing a “failed transition” message when they try to submit an application.

The RPA has investigated this and has identified the following;

  1. Some claimants who are receiving the message do not have “submit permissions” therefore while they can create and amend the application the system will not allow them to submit.
  2. In some cases whilst the system does flag a warning to say the claimant has not completed the active farmer and declaration and responsibilities sections of the application the claimant can inadvertently press a key on the keyboard which switches off those messages. Again the failed message can be due to either of these two not being completed.

If members do have submit permissions and have completed the active farmer and declarations and responsibilities but are still receiving the error, please report this to Adviser Adriana Vaux at the TFA Head Office on 0118 930 6130.

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