Join the Tenant Farmers Association

There are five membership categories:

Full Member – £189 per annum

Full membership is for those who already have a tenanted farm or land or who are looking to take on a tenancy.  It includes ready access to advice from the TFA Advisers, full access to the TFA website and all TFA publications.  For those individuals who are looking to take on a tenancy, whilst we cannot write your business plan, you will be able to get advice from the TFA Advisers when tendering for a farm, including comments on your business plan, as well as full access to the TFA website and TFA publications.

Associate – £75 per annum

Associate membership is for those individuals who wish to retain a link with the Association and receive our information.  It includes access to our online information contained within our website but does not convey access to specific advice from the TFA Advisers.

Professional Associate – £250 per annum

The Professional Associate membership package allows access to the exclusive information services of the TFA.  So whether you are a land agent, accountant or solicitor, this package is for you.  The TFA can also provide general advice but for client related advice your client will also have to be a TFA member.

Subsidiary Professional Associate – £100 per annum

A staff member working alongside a Professional Associate can have their own membership at a reduced rate.

Student – £10 per annum

Student membership allows for full access to the members’ area of the TFA website, as well as receiving regular newsletters but not the TFA’s advisory services.  You must be a full time student studying an agricultural related course to be eligible for this membership package.

If you would like more information on the individual categories please contact the TFA on 0118 930 6130.

There are three ways to join the TFA:

  1. Click here to complete an online application form.
  2. Apply by post.  Click here to download an application form.
  3. Join over the phone by calling the TFA on 0118 930 6130.